Kummissjoni Liturġija

Moderatur: Emmanuel Said

Segretarja: Josephine Mamo

email: [email protected]

Liturgical Ministry is an excellent opportunity to fulfil our baptismal call of service to one another. Our liturgies utilise the talents and gifts that God has given this parish community to the fullest extent.

The Liturgy Committee (KLP) consists of the Parish Priest, a chairperson, secretay and co-ordinators from each liturgical ministry such as altar servers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, musicians, ushers / hospitality ministers, children and youth ministries. Others involved with the celebration of the Mass lend their talents to help provide a meaningful worship experience. In all, there are 13 members.

Monthly meetings are held to plan the main celebrations of the Liturgical Year.

The goal of the committee (KLP) is to blend a loving care of the ancient Catholic Rites of the Church with new ways to make our worship alive, appealing and speak to the heart of the parish communty in prayer.

The role of the parish liturgy ministry should be:

a) Plan the liturgical year ahead such as Advent, Christman, Lent, Easter and Eastertide.

b) Celebrate and evaluate the Liturgical Year

c) Ensure and connect that there is ongoing formation and support for all Liturgical Ministries

At the moment the Liturgy Committee is fairly energetic and dynamic. Although it is not very large in number, it is quite effective. However there is always ample room for improvement.